Privacy Policy


Pharma Dynamics Online sells pharmaceutical products online. The use of any product or service bought from this Website is at the purchaser’s risk. The purchaser/user indemnifies and holds the provider harmless against any loss, injury or damages which may be sustained as a result of using the products sold on the Website. The private information required for executing the orders placed through the e-commerce facility, namely the User’s personal information and credit card details, delivery address and telephone numbers will be kept in the strictest confidence by the Provider and not sold or made known to third parties. Only the necessary information, that is the delivery address and contact phone number will be made known to third parties delivering the product. Credit card details are not kept by the Provider under any circumstances. The Provider cannot be held responsible for security breaches occurring on the User’s electronic device (Personal Computer or other electronic device used to browse the Website), which may result due to the lack of adequate virus protection software or spyware that the User may inadvertently have installed on his/her device. The Provider will supply all goods to the delivery company in good order. The Provider will not be held liable for the condition of goods arriving at the User’s chosen delivery address.

Pharma Dynamics Online shall take all reasonable steps to protect the personal information of Clients and for the purpose of this clause, “personal information” shall be defined as detailed in the Promotion of Access to Information Act, Act 2 of 2000 (“PAIA”) and the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (”POPI”).

Pharma Dynamics Online may electronically or manually collect, store and use the personal information of Clients that is supplied by them personally. The manner in which we collect your personal information will be by way of you contacting us telephonically, personally or electronically. The personal information hereby provided by the client will be collected, disclosed, used, processed and stored as is necessary to carry out lawful actions and functions for the conclusion or performance of the agreement entered into between us, and will only be done with your written consent where required, unless we are legally required to do divulge same or are obligated to do so for performance of a public law. You hereby provide us with your express written consent to use your personal information, share certain of your personal information and to analyse your personal information in order to compile a profile of you, and to send promotional material to you in the ordinary course of our business. We will provide you with information regarding new services or special offers. In each instance, you will be provided an opportunity to opt out of such information. You hereby grant us permission to enter your email address and/or cellular number to our email and/or SMS database, if supplied to us by you, for the purpose of promotional material. If you require your cellular number removed from our database, please go here (link).

We will not sell, rent or provide your personal information to any unauthorised third parties without your consent. If at any stage, after you have given us consent, you no longer wish us to use or share your personal information with an affiliate party, you may at any stage withdraw your consent. The User may visit the Website without providing any personal information. The Website servers will in such instances collect the IP address of the User computer, but not the email address or any other distinguishing information. This information is aggregated to measure the number of visits, average time spent at the Website, pages viewed, etc. Provider uses this information to determine use of the Website, and to improve Content thereon. Provider assumes no obligation to protect his information, and may copy, distribute or otherwise use such information without limitation.

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